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The Frankie Beach Show will be a podcast ranging from interviews with Entreprenures, Influencers, Military / first Responders, and other Professionals.

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Meet Frankie Beach

Greetings! I’m Frankie, a Digital Marketing Specialist and Website Designer driven by a lifelong passion for being creative and different.

From my formative years, I’ve been drawn to standing out and expressing my creativity. This led me to delve into the realm of Digital Marketing, where I discovered that it’s all about unleashing creativity to captivate an audience.

After graduating from Palmetto High School in 2017, I embarked on a journey to explore various areas of digital marketing, mastering skills in Facebook & Google Ads, SEO, Analytics, Email, Content, Social Media, Branding, and Website Development. Along the way, I earned a Thinkful certification in Digital Marketing and secured multiple certifications from Google and Meta in areas like Paid Ads, Analytics, and Ad Manager.

Driven by a desire to carve my path, I established my agency specializing in paid media across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, alongside offering top-notch Website Design services. Additionally, I’ve found fulfillment in mentoring fellow agency owners alongside my trusted business partner.

Outside the digital realm, I cherish moments with loved ones, embarking on adventures around the world to places like Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia, New York City, Ginnie Springs, and various other natural wonders across the World. For me, digital marketing transcends mere profession; it’s a passion that seamlessly integrates into every aspect of my life.

Adding another layer to my journey, I proudly host the Frankie Beach Show, a Podcast where I impart insights and perspectives on life, marketing, sales, and business to a global audience, spreading my message far and wide.

Marketer • Entrepreneur • Coach

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