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My Story

Hey! I’m Frankie, a multifaceted professional deeply entrenched in the world of Business both Online and Physical. My journey is guided by a simple yet profound mission: to lead a fulfilling life backed by health, happiness, and continuous growth, all while upholding the values of freedom, liberty, justice, and integrity that define my beliefs.

Since my early years, I’ve been driven by a passion for creativity and innovation, qualities that now define my career in the dynamic field of Business. Graduating from Palmetto High School in 2017 marked the beginning of my dedicated pursuit of things like Sales, Website Development, User Experience Psychology, Digital Marketing, Business Operations, Real Estate, and Fitness. Along this journey, I have honed my skills in each, equipping me to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of business.

Beyond the confines of my professional endeavors, I find inspiration in exploring the natural world and diverse cultures, whether it’s hiking through the serene landscapes of Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia or navigating the busy streets of New York City. These experiences not only enrich my personal life but also fuel my creativity and perspective on business and life. 

In addition to my career and personal pursuits, I am committed to giving back to my community and country wherever possible. I believe in contributing positively to society and embodying the values that have shaped my journey thus far. As I continue to innovate and push boundaries, I remain dedicated to fostering growth, both for my businesses and as a citizen striving to make a meaningful impact in this world. 

Welcome to my world, where creativity meets innovation, and passion drives purpose. Join me on this journey of exploration and growth as we navigate the limitless possibilities of the digital age, fueled by a commitment to excellence and belief in the power of integrity and determination.


Koda Media

At Koda Media, we specialize in building stunning online web solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

Search Pulse

I’m a Co-Founder at Search Pulse where we help businesses who want to scale their brands Online via Google Search Ads & SEO, via our proven Online Advertising & Search Engine formula for Acquiring, Nurturing, Closing, and Scaling new business for your company.

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