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How I skipped College and the 9-5 lifestyle to start and run a Marketing Agency


While all friends and fellow classmates went on to college and went on to get high paying jobs I dropped out after my first college semester and decided to start my marketing agency instead. Let me show you what it takes to make money with nothing but a cellphone, computer, and Wi-Fi.

My Ventures

My company ClickLine Digital ™ helps other businesses grow and expand with the power of Google Advertising, on my free time I teach what it takes to be an Entrepreneur in today’s world for free on Social Media and Youtube. To have me and my team run your Google Ads, Build your website, or just want to talk Click the link below and fill out my form.

ClickLine Digital ™

My marketing agency where we specialize in Google Advertising and Website Development for local service-based Businesses and Online Stores.

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